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and i hope to god he was worth it

Title: and i hope to god he was worth it
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Pairings/Characters: (Assumedly unrequited) Emma Swan/Regina Mills, Robin Hood/Regina Mills
Warnings: Jelously, pinning, murderous thoughts, murder mention.
Summary: You're in the Author's mansion, you, Henry, Regina and him.

You're in the Author's mansion, you, Henry, Regina and him.

Robin Hood, who is according to some magic pixie-dust, is Regina's True Love.

(Honestly, you think the whole 'pixie dust soulmates' thing is complete and utter bullshit, not that you'd ever tell her.)

You glance up, and -

He's got his arms snaked around her waist, and just the mere thought of him being with her, touching her, makes you so angry you are terrified that your dark magic will spill out again, with much more severe consequences than a hole in the wall at the Sheriff's Station.

(You killed Cruella, you're a murderer, and some deep, dark part of you that you can feel rising closer to the surface with every waking moment, knows that you would do the same to him in a heartbeat.)

Regina looks so fucking happy.

It's not that you don't want her to be happy, because you do, it's just -

Why him?

Why did it have to be Robin Hood off all people who was her happy ending?

Robin, who tried to shoot her.

Robin, who abandoned her.

Robin, who clearly saw no issue with fucking her as Marian lay in a coma.

Robin, who was having a baby with Zelena, the god-damn Wicked Witch of the West!

You say nothing, though, because she's smile so much more nowadays, and you've never been good a voicing your feelings anyway.

Instead, you hide your face in a book, and bite your tongue so hard it bleeds.

moon sansa

only bad people live to see their likeness set in stone (what does that make me?)

Title: only bad people live to see their likeness set in stone (what does that make me?)

Fandom: Carmilla

Pairings/Characters: Carmilla Karnstein, Laura Hollis, Matska Belmonde, Past - Laura/Carmilla

Notes: "No Heroics" fucked me up. This was written immediatley after that episode was aired - after I stopped crying, obviously.

Summary: "No." You say, and paradise burns. - Carmilla centric.

"No." You say, and paradise burns.


You will not betray Mattie.

Laura doesn't understand.


Mattie is your sister.

She was the one who explained your new world after you were turned.

She was the only one who tried to protect you from Mother, and when she couldn't - which was more times than you'd care to admit - she was the one who bandaged your wounds.

It's not your fault, kitty, Mother's always been like this.


Laura doesn't understand how few you can trust in this world.

Ell is dead. Mother is dead. Will is dead.

You thought you could trust Laura, but maybe you were wrong.

(You hate your heart. It always finds a way of betraying you.)


"Romantic ideal? Because I think you're better than your long history of murdering and callously discarding people?"

Monster. You think. She thinks I'm a monster.

"Is that what you think of me?" Your head is spinning, tears are pricking at the backs of your eyes.

Who are you kidding?

Monster has been scrawled onto your soul since the night you were murdered. Since your first resurrection.

It's part of who you are.

No-one can change that, not even her.


"If you really loved me then you'd stay."

Aren't you listening Laura?

I can't stay.


"I'm done."

You don't look back.


Crying alone is hard, but you're used to it at this point.


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mcufemslash tables!

so, i've recently joined mcufemslash and here are the tables i will be completing.

Prompt Table A
01.Christmas 02.Forget 03.Ending 04.Real 05.Thoughts
06.Said 07.Beach 08.Show 09.Attempt 10.Alone
11.Take Me 12.Secrets 13.Slide 14.Fashion 15.Figures
16.Puzzle 17.Silence 18.Peaches 19.Progress 20.Empty
21.Crazy 22.Train 23.Portrait 24.Queen 25.Soul
26.Shame 27.Cough 28.Better Off 29.Pride 30.Blue

Prompt Table B
01. Apples to Oranges 02. Breathing 03. Just Enough
04. Heartbreaker 05. Independent 06. Something Else
07. Phone Call 08. Confessions 09. White Lie
10. Bang Bang 11. For Worse 12. Endless

Trope & AU Table A
01. Alpha/Beta/Omega 02. Baby/Kidfic 03. Coffee Shop
04. Fake Married/Dating 05. Fandom Fusion 06. Roadtrip
07. Sex Worker(s) 08. Soulmate Marks 09. Wingfic
10. Yearning/Oblivious 11. You Gotta Get Laid 12. Zombie Apocalypse

Trope & AU Table B
01. Apocalypse or Post-Apocalypse 02. Confessions Under the Influence
03. Drunk/Accidental/Forced Marriage 04. Everyone Thinks They're Dating
05. Highschool/College AU 06. Huddling for Warmth
07. Neighbors/Roommates/Dormmates 08. Playing Truth or Dare or Strip Poker
09. Tied Up Together or Stuck in Closet 10. Werewolves and/or Vampires
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when i watch a tv show

If I watch a TV show, I usually do a running commentary including phrases such as:

“Don’t do that you morons!”

“They’re gonna die. I call it.”

“What could go wrong? EVERYTHING!”

“They’re gonna hook up, I call it.”

“Well, that escalated quickly”

“Oh, you have a motorcycle? Then you’re gonna die!”

*claps* “Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a special kind of jackass over here!”

Among other things.

Also, if a character says something related to a song, I’ll sing it.

I hope this isn’t just me.